Wizard's First Rule  

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by: Terry Goodkind
List Price: 7.99

Terry Goodkind's debut 1994 novel in the Sword of Truth series, Wizard's First rule, is a Tolkienian epic fantasy novel that follows the hero's journey of Richard Cypher, a young woods guide in the province of Westland. Westland is separated from the eastern provinces by a magical boundary, allowing the inhabitants of Westland to live a non-magical life. Richard is happy with the course that his life is taking, until one day when everything changes.

One day, as Richard is exploring the woodlands, he happens upon a frightening scene: four large mounted troops are in pursuit of a young woman, Kahlan Amnell. Richard comes to the maiden's aid, subsequently learning that she has somehow crossed the Boundary in search of the First Wizard, who came to Westland during the creation of the boundary.

Richard, not knowing what to do, takes Kahlan to his best friend and mentor, the wise and quirky Zedd. Through Kahlan's perceptiveness, it is discovered that Zedd is not merely an eccentric old man, but is in fact the wizard that Kahlan has been looking for. With that fact revealed, Kahlan confesses the true reason for her quest into Westland; a dark wizard named Darken Rahl has raised an army in attempts to conquer all of the Midlands. Zedd names Richard the Seeker of Truth, bestowing him with the Sword of Truth. Together, the trio begin their journey to stop Darken Rahl's total domination of the Midlands, namely to prevent him from obtaining the Boxes of Orden, which contain the absolute power over life and death.

My Thoughts

For those who are as addicted to epic fantasy as I am, it is difficult to find a novel that matches up to the level of artistry and mastery of Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy. Yet, Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series has yet to disappoint. It encompasses a wonderfully elaborate world with a rich and lavish history and culture that has yet to be rivaled by any other series that I have read.

"Wizard's First Rule" is an interesting combination of epic fantasy, romance, and adventure. The dynamic created between Kahlan (pronounced Kay-len) and Richard as their friendship buds into a romance to rival the greatest of the age is a fascinating and most welcomed element amongst this world of chaos and political upheaval.

The most interesting feature of the world in my opinion is the band of dominatrix torturers known as the Mord Sith. They are an exclusive anti-convent of women who are stolen from their parents at a young age and brutally trained to be ruthless, merciless mercenaries who work on the side of the D'Haran ruler. They are a blend of absolute terror and sexual fantasy, a perfectly deadly combination for those around them.

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